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After All These Years

I need to put these fears to rest But I can’t do this on my own Chasing what I left behind, Flying 3000 miles from home Last November I should’ve said yes But the fear of what I was going to hear Kept me back, kept me in the dark And now I realized I … Continue reading

The Bitter Aftertaste

I’m learning the bitterness Of the aftertaste of fireworks And alcohol and the currents Running through my veins I’m teaching myself to Stay numb against the Saccharine words and the sparks That went with everything that is you I keep reminding myself, I keep repeating it over and over, That this is leading nowhere And … Continue reading


These feelings don’t come with An instruction kit You flail around You stumble about That heart on your sleeve Feels just about right With that crimson on your cheeks And things are wonderful, beautiful You wake up to him beside you The scent of him Drowning everything else And it is the best feeling in … Continue reading