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The Beginning of Most Things to Come

“Nothing is too small to be a mistake.” ― Shannon L. Alder PROLOGUE I have been contemplating a lot of things the past few months, especially my estranged dad. He left when I was in fifth grade. I had no idea why (still have no idea why) he just suddenly up and left. My mom … Continue reading

Today. Today is a Loop I Can’t Get Out Of.

I slept my lunch break away, snoozing on my desk. I haven’t been feeling well. When I woke up, I checked my work email only to find a spam mail telling me I will have rotten luck for ten years if I don’t forward it to ten people. Ten is a good number. A solid … Continue reading

Inky Pools of Darkness

“They walk among us.” I refused to believe. Today is his first day of pre-school. He put on his clothes without awkwardness. He looked at me — eyes pools of darkness, devoid of emotion. Then his eyes returned to normal – big, baby blue eyes. Mesmerizing, beautiful. “They walk among us.” I still refuse to … Continue reading