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Face-to-Face This Time

Even after everything, after all this time You said you’d come and meet me, anyway And I pause my life long enough To get on that plane and risk what I have left You’ve got me chasing dust devils You’ve got me walking backwards and straight To our past, where the wounds are raw And … Continue reading

The Bitter Aftertaste

I’m learning the bitterness Of the aftertaste of fireworks And alcohol and the currents Running through my veins I’m teaching myself to Stay numb against the Saccharine words and the sparks That went with everything that is you I keep reminding myself, I keep repeating it over and over, That this is leading nowhere And … Continue reading

I’m not going to bother you anymore

I stopped counting The days, the posts I stopped glancing back Every two, three steps I stopped checking The messages, the photos I stopped listening to Any and all songs for you I shield my hand over my eyes From the glare of your presence I keep reminding myself instead Of your irrefutable absence now … Continue reading