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And Now… The Next Chapter (Finally!)

It’s been a while since I posted the first chapter of a short horror/paranormal/romance story. The next scene was already in my head but there was so much to do… You’ve heard it all before, the excuses that don’t make a good writer. Haha. But here is the next chapter, for what it’s worth. It’s … Continue reading

Monster Muse

I will shut my eyes as I kick the door, Closing it and resigning me to S O L I T U D E At least for now and only now The noises in this corner of my world — Sometimes they become too much I get tangled, all choked up I don’t even know … Continue reading

That Sinking Feeling You Get When Something (Or Someone) is All Too Perfect (Yet Wrong)

There was a darkness within her. It lurked just beneath her smarmy smile and amusing, hilarious stories and jokes. But Anika knew better. She didn’t know how or why but she just knew. Or rather, felt. It was there, in her eyes. It was an old habit of hers, to look at the person she … Continue reading