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That Night at Senechal’s

In a bar, where the lights were dim and Ellie Goulding’s “Burn” was playing softly in the background. I was nursing a vodka sprite in my hand, although I haven’t had a drop of it for nearly a year now. Nothing like a life-altering event to make you change your ways. What that event was … Continue reading


It was a wedding present and personally, Will never saw its appeal. However, Olive, his wife of eight months (such short yet sweet months), loved it. “Creepy vintage charm,” She would say, followed by her trademark throaty laugh. But his wife was no longer here, not with him, not in this world. Definitely not in … Continue reading

68 Jericho Street

This is an abattoir of souls. We feed on souls and you’ll be next. Gorse dotted the house, irrationally cheery in this abandoned place. All the nasty news Ruth heard tumbled inside her head. A housekeeper hung herself here. A young woman was mutilated in the bedroom. A little girl fell over the balcony and … Continue reading