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Who’s That Girl?

She could feel herself changing… Getting eaten by a new persona slowly but surely, definitely. She feels like she has been catapulted into a place and time wherein she doesn’t belong. She touches people and things along the way but they don’t do her any good. Today, she could be that awkward girl sitting alone … Continue reading

It’s Making Its Rounds

When I reached the end of the street, on that warm and calm night like most nights, I noticed a figure clad in black standing there near the streetlamp. All the hairs at the back of my neck suddenly stood up and terror pricked me good everywhere. It had no face and yet, at the … Continue reading

The Color of Blood & Something Else

Limping, he crossed the small place and approached her — the one person whose energy pulled at him, drawn him into this place. She could help him, of that he was sure. He was about to open his mouth and talk when she suddenly looked up at him, her face small and pale and eyes … Continue reading