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That Feeling in Your Bones: A Snippet

He looked at her, his eyes appearing more yellow than green then. “You do know you’re signing up for traveling with a stranger, right?” She nodded. “This is crazy, but I feel like this is something I have to do.” He laughed. That loud, childlike laugh she was becoming quickly familiar with. “Well, I’m on … Continue reading

Peeking through the keyhole

Silly girl, baffled over why most men she met nearly fell in love with her. Silly girl, confused about why other women hate her, even those she do not know. She walks without a care in the world. She offers her special brand of friendship to anyone she would cross paths with. She talks with … Continue reading

Truth is a Conversation on the Sidewalk

He was a conundrum That one puzzle piece I cannot seem to solve And when I doubted myself I chose to run away again Jane glanced at me. “Tell me again why you decided to get rid of him?” I couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s such an awful way to put it. ‘Get rid of’, … Continue reading