55 Word Challenge

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Snow Siren

Blue eyes veiled with thin sheets of ice, Small violet lips wore such winsome smile, Droplets of white water quivered on her pale, luminous skin “I’ll take care of you,” She promised sweetly. The laid-back town called Silkwaters Lost another one of their men Crimes were rare here; The main cause of death Was drowning. … Continue reading

This is Why You Don’t Go Veering Off Your Path at Night

The old-fashioned lamp glowed beautifully ahead. Curious, Tanta inched closer and saw a brightly lit palace. There were beautiful people smiling, laughing and dancing to a tune she couldn’t hear. Mesmerized, Tanta stepped into the darkness beyond foggy path. Just like that, she was swallowed whole by the night and was never heard from again. … Continue reading

Inky Pools of Darkness

“They walk among us.” I refused to believe. Today is his first day of pre-school. He put on his clothes without awkwardness. He looked at me — eyes pools of darkness, devoid of emotion. Then his eyes returned to normal – big, baby blue eyes. Mesmerizing, beautiful. “They walk among us.” I still refuse to … Continue reading