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Trying to Shake You Out My Head

You play all these games
That I can never win
No matter how hard I try
And how I try and try

I second-guess myself
All the time
It’s exhausting in so
Many ways

What a pair we make:
You with your cynism
Me with my doubts
Both of us in push-pull mode

It’s not like I want you to stay
There is no reason for that,
Not when you keep telling me not to
Place my bet on you

I hear every word you say
I feel the undercurrents of
All the things you do
And do not do

I see you for what you are,
For what you claim to be
And it’s not like I want you to stay
But I’m frightened I do all the same.


About Anna

Awed/delighted/floored with anything horror. Indulges in chocolates, blogging, writing, and reading. Attracted to the offbeat and the quirky / the odd and the strange / the weird and the eerie.


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