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Peeking through the keyhole

Silly girl, baffled over why most men she met nearly fell in love with her. Silly girl, confused about why other women hate her, even those she do not know.

She walks without a care in the world. She offers her special brand of friendship to anyone she would cross paths with. She talks with childlike glint her eyes, her mouth shaping and forming expressions for emotions she’s always had a hard time containing.

She would talk a mile a minute but never about her life before she came here. When asked about her hometown, she would smile politely and nod. That’s all she will ever do.

And that’s all she ever has to do to make the men fall all over her and the women hate her from head to toe.

Dark green eyes. Piercing gaze. Arrogance has never melded with the cloak of gentleness so beautifully. But what story does he tell?

The eyes of the public goes over him once, twice. They always come back, especially the ladies and the gossip hounds. With a long chain of broken hearts trailing in his wake, he is both coveted and hated for it. The millions in his bank account is surely just an icing to the cake. Is that all there is to him?

He would throw back his head and laugh. For all his irritating self-assurance, he’s actually pretty likable and easygoing. But women, be warned: He has broken hearts before and he will break them again.

There is a lot going on in his pretty head and no one is privy to that. No one except the girl with the wild brown hair and a mystery embracing her.

This island is beautiful. Come closer. Closer still, so we can see those two people. See them and follow their story. Because there is always something more to them. Something more to this island that celebrates wonderful, beautiful festivals far more often than most other places do. And this is just between you and me, but the origins of those festivals? Not the kind of stories you tell your children during bedtime. Hell, I wouldn’t tell it to myself before bedtime.

There’s a series of suicides here and there. There’s a lot going on underfoot and few people seem to care. Lucky for us, there are a selected few that will help remedy that. Sit back and watch as things unfurl here in Maroon Island. I promise you, the monsters won’t come near you. Not tonight. They’ll be too busy hunting for certain people. So you’re safe… for now.


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Awed/delighted/floored with anything horror. Indulges in chocolates, blogging, writing, and reading. Attracted to the offbeat and the quirky / the odd and the strange / the weird and the eerie.


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