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A New Piece: Horror / Supernatural with Romance Thrown In

I know, I know. It’s been long (WAY too long) since I last posted here. And now I’m back, with a personal note, too! What the hell happened? A finished story (finally!) happened, that’s what. (Click here if you want to see the rough — really rough — draft.) While I am editing that piece, I felt like starting its book 2 is too much as of the moment. So I decided to take on the challenge of my co-worker/friend (Hi, Abbey!) to write something. And wrote it I did, which is what this post is about. (I’ll get to that in a bit. Hold your horses, whoa.) So basically, the story she challenged (“dared” was the word used, if I remember correctly) me to create and post here is about this certain man I have taken into as a subject of my “fluffy harmless observation time.” He’s a C-level Executive, he’s good-looking and it looks like that type of character is all the rage for quite some time. So I thought, “Why not write a story about that?” Except. EXCEPT it is nothing like “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

So what’s the story about?

I honestly wanted to write a light romantic comedy, after having just finished with a particular story. But then something happened: I was nodding off to dreamland and a scene started playing in my head. And I thought, “Wait, wait. Why not make him the devil in the main character’s eyes?” And that, my friends, started the story. It’s supernatural with a twist of romance. I want to throw in horror somewhere there, too. Here’s the plot:

Everything was simple for Jane: She has a job she likes, she’s got great friends and family, her flat is actually nice, plus she gets diner discounts. Life is a peach in Maroon City. Until one fateful late night in the office threw her off track and life as she knew it was over within the blink of an eye. A drop-dead gorgeous C-level Executive enlists her help in investigating the supernatural occurrences in their office. Somebody is pulling strings and calling all the otherwordly, making everyone in the building unsafe and vulnerable to tragic deaths. Doubtful but obliged, Jane sets out to get to the bottom of this. But time seems to be running out and she becomes the next target. Will she make it alive or will she end up joining the otherworldly?

DON'T BLINKAnd without further ado, here is the first chapter. (I also posted it in Wattpad.)

One night, after everyone has left…

The elevator whooshed its way down, making Jane hold on to the railing as if she would hurtle through the air if she didn’t. Within a few seconds, the doors hissed open and she stepped into the lobby. Only the light right above the reception desk glowed, making everything look too dark and even eerie. Jane’s footsteps slapped against the linoleum floor, echoing in the ten o’ clock silence of the night. With a shudder, she quickened her steps. She’d been working in this building for barely a month, after her company had relocated to this newer, fancier place right in the middle of Maroon City’s business district. It had been weeks of getting lost trying to find her office and stumbling into the wrong room. Geography was never her strongest suit.

She was nearing the wide glass and chrome doors when the stench made her halt her steps. The smell of something rotten and rancid. Jane looked around, perplexed. Where was that coming from? Jane started walking, slower this time. Something about the scent gave her goosebumps. That did not make sense. Probably, someone forgot his lunch and it was left to rot. Yes, that was it. As Jane drew nearer to the exit doors, the scent came on stronger and she gagged. She dragged her feet across the floor, feeling stupid for letting something as trivial as this affect her. It was a good thing she was alone, then. No audience for her theatrics. She was about to hook a turn to the right when she saw a tall figure bearing down on her. Jane sucked in her breath, stopped on her tracks.

This is it, She thougth. This is what that horrible, horrible stench means. It was warning me of something sinister. This stranger… Oh, my god. He’s going to kill me! Why did I even insist on staying after office hours, only to end up dying? Panicked thoughts swirled around her mind. A wave of cold dread washed over her, making the tips of her fingers tingle, her heart hammer against her chest. She willed her body to move, to run, to scream. But she just stood there.

The figure drew closer and closer, until she could see it. Him. Tall, dark mop of a hair, equally dark eyes, gray suit, navy blue tie. He looked like he just stepped off the page of a magazine.

Holy shit. This is the devil. Don’t devils choose pretty faces to cover their true identities? Jane was immobilized and rendered mute. This was it, then. Struck dumb and defenseless by this devil of a man.

The man slowed down when he was near her. A small smile, almost a smirk, tugged at the corner of his lips. “Good evening,” He paused then said, “Jane.”

Jane’s eyes were wide with naked fear. He knew her name! She opened her mouth and let out a short, shrill shriek. It fell flat in the almost empty lobby. The man looked like he was about to say something. That was when Jane found that she could suddenly move her legs. And move her legs she did. She raced out of the building, never looking back, not once. She ran straight to the nearest convenience store, which was two blocks away from her office. She stumbled inside the bright 7-Eleven, knees weak and lungs on fire. She had just faced the devil and he (it) knew her name. What did he want from her? Why her?

Tune in for the following chapter:

  • Who is the man Jane encountered? Is he really the devil in disguise?
  • Jane gets summoned by a C-level Executive she doesn’t know. Why he called for her, she would never understand. Until she actually meets him face-to-face and what he asks of her is beyond her level of “normal.”
  • Someone in their office building just jumped to his death. Coincidence? Perhaps not.
  • The new girl is turning the guys’s heads. But aside from that, what else is she up to?

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