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2 AM

Stirred from slumber,
Woken up by a faint
Nightmare and wearisome

“It’s 2 PM somewhere, ”
That small thought brush past
My mind as I sit up,
Still entangled in that fog
Of blurred dreams and
Subconscious thoughts

I try to go back to sleep
But thoughts and images and
Conversations with myself
Crowd my mind:

A little girl’s heart got broken over
The news that one of her kittens
Got ran over and my heart
Broke along with her.

The local manager wants a
Medical certificate for my
One day of absence today.
At 2 in the morning, her request
Does not make sense.

I, too, have a hotel story and
It involves shadows and thumps
And bumps, an ice-cold hand
Running down your arm when
You know you are alone and
You know you don’t believe in

The fleeting pain on the
Left side of my chest reminds
Me of frangibility and sanity
And how neither comes
Too cheaply nor conveniently.

Worn out and worn down,
Sleep finally claimed me and I
Did not even fight it.


About Anna

Awed/delighted/floored with anything horror. Indulges in chocolates, blogging, writing, and reading. Attracted to the offbeat and the quirky / the odd and the strange / the weird and the eerie.


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