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Cartwheeling and Standing on My Head Over There

With so many new things to discover, so much fascinating information to digest and the occasional life’s dramas thrown in between, it is no wonder why I am having a hard time trying to focus. I blame no one and nothing for this flaw, except for myself.

I haven’t written anything decent in a while and it seems like the Universe (yes, I felt the need to capitalize the first letter) decided to throw some bricks on my head. With much glee. It reminded me that NaNoWriMo 2013 is fast approaching. Last year, I sucked (couldn’t get past 3k words). This year? I’m hoping to redeem myself. But the problem is myself. I’m finding it hard to sit down, clear my head and just write. I lay down my notebooks and my pens in front of me (fyi: I write longhand. I found it early on that I am utterly not prolific with my fingers on the keyboard) and just stare and blink. Rinse and repeat.

I read somewhere that a writer’s block exists because he/she is afraid to write anything that is not decent. I think that’s what I’m suffering from. I can’t just write anything. I need to come up with a decent piece of fiction. I need everything planned out and carefully crafted. This only leads to dismay, you understand. Writers must try to let things go and just let things happen. Don’t think too much. Unfortunately, I think too much. And then there’s my problem with focus, how I’m always prowling the web, eagerly in search of something new — be it a tool or a DIY.

Maybe I need to take a sabbatical from the internet.

But that will kill me.

Maybe I just need to rewire my brains and just write.

For now, here are some links that I find can help perk me up. Who knows? They might help you too, possibly in a different way but nonetheless help you out or serve you some satisfaction. And I’ll be glad when that happens.

Medium // Daria’s book list // Bullet Journal // Stillman Says // Power Up mug


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