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If Sheldon Cooper Wrote Haiku

Something funny for today πŸ™‚

Funnier In Writing

The condescension

oh, Sheldon, stabs the meek heart

in this engineer

– Howard Wolowitz

Einstein bled physics,

Newton unlocked gravity,

Sheldon still can’t drive

– Leonard Hofstadter

Grasshopper, You Are The One True God!

Grasshopper, You Are The One True God!

Grasshopper of strength,

may your mint milk inspire words,

ones spoken aloud

– Raj Koothrappali

Howard went to space,

whining like a transmission

needing a tune-up

– Sheldon Cooper

Fuck haiku, Priya.

Come near Leonard again, bitch,

I’ll cut you like grass

– Penny

amy and sheldon kissing

Oh, Sheldon Cooper,

your chastity belt chafes raw

my unshaven loins

– Amy Farrah Fowler

Your MeMa may live,

my bearded Wesley Crusher.

Still, I scream, β€œWheaton!”

– Sheldon Cooper

big bang elevatorGeniuses upstairs

make space toilets work, but not

the elevator

– Mrs. Gunderson (downstairs neighbor)


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