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55 Word Challenge, poems

Snow Siren

Blue eyes veiled with thin sheets of ice,
Small violet lips wore such winsome smile,
Droplets of white water quivered on her pale, luminous skin

“I’ll take care of you,”
She promised sweetly.

The laid-back town called Silkwaters
Lost another one of their men
Crimes were rare here;
The main cause of death
Was drowning.

This is another entry for Lisa McCourt Hollar’s 55 Words Challenge. It’s been a while since I did this and when I saw one of the photos for the prompts, a story about a mermaid coaxing men to be with her sprang to mind. I have always found snow to be beautiful (probably because we don’t get that here)  and I like the idea of a winter mermaid — wide, seemingly innocent ice-blue eyes, violet lips that can both be sweet and deadly, pearly skin… The photo seemed like the perfect setting. And so “Snow Siren” came to life. I had to cut it down, though. It was originally nearly 170 words and it wasn’t a poem to begin with.


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Awed/delighted/floored with anything horror. Indulges in chocolates, blogging, writing, and reading. Attracted to the offbeat and the quirky / the odd and the strange / the weird and the eerie.


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