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Face-to-Face This Time

Even after everything, after all this time
You said you’d come and meet me, anyway
And I pause my life long enough
To get on that plane and risk what I have left

You’ve got me chasing dust devils
You’ve got me walking backwards and straight
To our past, where the wounds are raw
And the hurt is clear and sharp

The person you used to be, the one
I thought I knew, was never there at all
And I am finding that out just now —
These newfound discoveries have sent me reeling

The feelings have all run away
But what you’ve done comes back
From time to time
I just want to forget you

I want to but I need answers
For all those years ago
When you suddenly left with
Just a message on my phone

Fast forward to today and I
Am just finding things out
But not straight from you
No, never straight from you

Maybe it will be different this time,
Four thousand miles away from home
In a foreign land where I can leave you
When this long overdue talk is finally done and over with.


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